Setting up your Grand Final Day offer using Dine-in Category

Here's how to create your Grand Final Day Offer & Menu Settings for pre-orders

Ordering windows can not be booked for more than a week in advance. Therefore, if you want to accept pre-orders before a week prior to Grand Final Day, there are 2 ways to set this up on your Mr Yum menu each with its own pros and cons. 

Please note: If you are not offering any normal pickup or delivery service other than pre-orders for Grand Final Day, email and we can simply force the ordering windows to open on Grand Final Day and not show other dates. 

You can decide which option most suits your circumstances: 

Option 1: Make a completely separate menu URL for your Grand Final Day offering

This option would require you to have a separate venue within Mr Yum and this menu would be on a different URL.


  • You can set up order-ahead windows specific to the event and you can sell them out to manage demand.
  • You can set up different postcodes for delivery specific to the event (as well as a specific delivery fee if needed).
  • Easy for you to manage & for your customers to place orders.


  • Have to manage the orders on a separate “Live Orders” screen as it’s a separate venue.
  • Customers can’t access this menu from your current menu as it’s a separate URL and needs to be promoted separately.

Here is an example of a similar promo using this same approach >>>

See below for instructions on moving forward with this option.

Option 2: Utilise the “Dine-in” category on your existing menu URL but repurpose it for Grand Final Day. This is a workaround many venues have opted for. 


  • Easily manage all orders on the same Live Orders screen.
  • Increased exposure as anyone who views your menu sees your Grand Final Day offering.


  • Cannot use the Ordering Windows.
  • Will not have the map preview of the address or postcode validation.
  • Cannot use Mr Yum to text the customers when their order is ready, so you would need to manually do this if you want them to receive any other SMS than the order confirmation SMS (you can customise this though).

Here is an example of a menu set up this way >>>

Option 1: How to set it up on a separate URL

  1. Email ‘’ so we can create a new venue for you. We can transfer any menu items already set up or drinks categories. 
    In your email, please include:
    1. Venue name (E.g. Mr Yum’s Grand Final Day Menu” 
    2. Preferred slug (E.g. /mry-gfday) 
    3. Support phone number
    4. Support email 
    5. Ordering type (Pickup, Takeaway and/or Dine In)
    6. Banking details
  2. Once your new menu has been added to your existing Mr Yum login, you can begin setting it up as normal.
  3. After you have created your menu, please email '' so we can force the ordering windows to open on Grand Final Day and not show other dates. 

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Option 2: How to set it up as a new category on your existing menu

  1. Create a new category 
    1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
    2. Click Create New Category.
    3. Enter the Category Name. E.g. “Grand Final Day Menu” or “Pre-Order your Grand Final Day Meal”. 
    4. Slug appears in the URL and can have no spaces or special characters other than a hyphen 👉 - for example, ‘gf-day’.
    5. Ordering Type: you must only select dine-in regardless of what services you are actually offering 
    6. Background Image: Choose a photo such as your logo or photo of your food/drinks offering. Choose a jpeg file, landscape image.
    7. Leave the Hide menu when closed toggled off. This way customers are still able to browse your menu when you are closed.
    8. Click Create


  1. Go to Venue Details > Venue Info.
    1. Under Ordering Type add Dine In as an option (if it is not already there).
    2. Scroll down to Table numbers and areas.
    3. For Customised table number text e.g. Lane number, enter “Please leave your email”.
    4. For Table Number Format, select "Any".
    5. For Customised table area text text e.g. Which area are you in? enter “Choose an option below”
    6. For Table Areas enter each of your pickup and or delivery options for the day
      1. E.g. “Pickup Sat 6th September 4pm”, “Pickup Sat 6th September 4:30pm”, “Pickup Sat 6th September 5pm”, “Delivery Sat 6th December 4pm”, “Delivery Sat 6th December 5pm” etc.
    7. Scroll down to Landing Page
    8. For Landing Dine In Button Text enter “PRE-ORDER FOR GRAND FINAL DAY”.
    9. Click Update Venue.
    10. Go to Orders > Dine-In Settings.
    11. Toggle on Has dine-in notes?
    12. For Customise Notes text e.g Allergy Information enter “Notes. For delivery orders, please enter your address here”
    13. Click Save.
  2. Make the menu open 24/7 (You want customers to be able to place pre-orders for this outside of your regular business hours)
    1. Go to Venue Details > Opening Hours.
    2. If there is not already a time block where you are open from 00:00 - 23:59, 7 days a week, then:
      1. Click Add Timeblock
      2. For Name, enter “Pre-Order Hours” 
      3. Click on + New Time Slot under Monday
      4. Click on the rectangle box under From
      5. Type in 12:00 
      6. Click on 12:00 am
      7. Click on the rectangle box under To
      8. Type in 11:59
      9. Click on 11:59 pm from the dropdown
      10. Click on Apply to all under the 11:59 pm rectangle 
      11. Press Create
    3. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
    4. Click on the Clock that is in line with your Grand Final Day category.
    5. Select the new time 24/7 time block, Pre-Order Hours.
    6. Click Update.
  3. Set up your menu items.
    1. Go to Your Menu > Menu Items.
    2. Click into the new category you just made.
    3. Start adding in your items.

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