How to access your Item/modifier codes from Wizbang

How to access your codes

  1. Open onetap reports
  2. Select the report type as "menu items"
  3. Then select the "create export file" box and click on "create report"




  1. Select the report type "Modifiers".



  1. This report is a time-sensitive report. It will report on all modifiers THAT HAVE BEEN USED over a period of time. You will need to use a date range that captures all the modifiers you want to include. “Date range” is under the Report Type field. We suggest using a date range of a year for example (long enough for every item to be ordered)
  2. Select Food AND Beverage or Food ONLY, or Beverage ONLY
  3. Zero Values Options - Select to “Include” to get all the modifiers that do not have a cost
  4. Modifier Options - include everything, select “All Modifiers”
  5. Then select the "create export file" box and click on "create report"

NOTE: The information displayed on-screen from onetap reports will not include the Item or Modifier ID that is required to link Mr Yum and WizBang. You will need to import the csv file into Xcell or a Google Sheet to see this.

For Xcell:

  1. Open a new spreadsheet.
  2. Select “Data” from the top bar.



  1. Select the second icon from the left, “From Text/CSV” - follow the prompts. 
  2. You should now see something like this:



Column 2, 6 and 8 are the important values you will need.


If you have trouble with the process above and need help. You can contact Wizbang Support: 800 WIZBANG - or (09) 360-8395 option 4