How to connect Mailchimp to your Mr Yum account

Mailchimp & Mr Yum

Connecting Mr Yum to your CRM platform allows you to benefit from the instantaneous transfer of all marketing 'opt-in' data. For Mailchimp users, you will receive customer information along with the last order date. This will allow you to enhance your stream of communications and ultimately build greater engagement with your customers.

Still thinking about which CRM platform to join? Visit this help doc and review all our email marketing partners.

How to connect Mailchimp to your Mr Yum account:

Mr Yum will require access to your Mailchimp account in order to authenticate its permissions. In order to do this, please add us as a user. Once the set up is complete, we can then be removed. Alternatively, we can set up a video call and complete the connection via a screen share.

Add Mr Yum as a user to your Mailchimp Account

  1. Login to
  2. In the bottom right hand corner, select the circle icon (this will have the first letter of the account in the middle)
  3. Select Settings > Users
  4. Select 'Invite A User'
  5. Enter the email address:
  6. Select 'Admin' as the user type
  7. Select 'Send invite'
  8. Send an email with your venue details & confirmation that we have been added as a user
If you are operating with a free Mailchimp account you will not be able to add another user. Instead, you will need to share your login details. Once complete, simply update your password. If you're not comfortable doing this, we suggest setting up a video call by emailing

If we have been given access to your account, we will complete all remaining steps and notify you upon the completion. If you would prefer to do this via a Zoom call, we will complete all the required steps when screen sharing the account with you.

For more information on this process, reach out to our Customer Success team: