Use DoorDash Drivers for your deliveries - for half the price of delivery apps!

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Mr Yum has partnered with DoorDash Drive!

You can now use the DoorDash driver network, seamlessly integrated with Mr Yum, to facilitate your deliveries far cheaper than the delivery apps in almost all cases! No setup fees, no creating a DoorDash account required, it's as simple as turning on a toggle.

We recognise that delivery is on the rise, and not going away any time soon! Using Mr Yum + DoorDash Drive means you can build a long term sustainable delivery business for what works out to be around 15% including Mr Yum fees and driver costs.

Mr Yum is committed to helping hospitality make the numbers work! You told us how difficult it is to make money using the delivery apps charging huge commissions so we built a viable alternative.

What is DoorDash Drive?

Separate to the normal DoorDash App, DoorDash Drive enables access to their delivery driver network for a flat fee per order.

This means that your customers can order delivery through your Mr Yum menu using an on-demand DoorDash driver known as "dashers" to collect the order from your venue and deliver it to your customer.


How do I set it up?

As this is such a new feature, the Mr Yum team will have to switch this on for you. Please email so we can do this for you.
  1. Once we make this toggle accessible to venue logins, you will simply go to Orders > Delivery Settings (currently only Mr Yum team can action this for you)
  2. Toggle on DoorDash Drive enabled.
  1. Under 'Send pre-order window start time to Doordash Drive as pickup time or delivery time?' select either Pickup Time or Delivery Time from the drop-down.
    If you want the "dasher" to arrive at your venue to collect the food at the start of the ordering window, then select Pickup Time.
    If you want the "dasher" to arrive at the customer's delivery address at the start of the ordering window, then select Delivery Time. DoorDash will automatically calculate when to send the dasher to collect the order from you in order to have it delivered to the customer on time.
    We recommend using Delivery Time with ordering windows of 30 mins or more, and a buffer of 30 mins or more.
    Example: You have set Doordash Drive up as Delivery Time. From 5-9pm, you have 30 minute delivery windows and a 30 minute buffer. A customer placing an order at 4:45pm will not be able to order for 5-5:30pm, the next available time is 5:30-6pm. They place an order for 5:30-6pm, their home is 15 mins from your venue, Mr Yum will automatically schedule a driver for the order to be delivered at 5:30pm (start of the window time) and DoorDash Drive will know to schedule a dasher for an ~5:15pm collection. This is all automated. 😲
  2. Click Save.


It's as simple as that. No need to create a DoorDash account! There are no subscriptions. No lock-in contracts. Mr Yum handles the payments to DoorDash for you by deducting them from the order.

First ensure you have Ordering Windows set up, as DoorDash uses these to know when to book the dashers for.


If you don't have ordering window set up on your menu, and you would like to manually order a "dasher" each time a customer orders, you can click on the order and click "Call Dasher". This is way more of a manual option and only suits certain operational workflows.


How much does it cost?

DoorDash drivers cost a flat fee of $8.50 ex GST per order up to 1Km, then $1 per km after that up to 10km. So, a 5km order would be $12.50 ex GST.

There are no DoorDash setup costs. There is no need to create a DoorDash account.


Can I charge the customer the delivery fee?

You can charge all orders a flat delivery fee of up to $10. You can require a minimum spend to receive free delivery. You can edit these settings in Orders > Delivery Settings.

You can not currently charge a dynamic delivery fee that is higher for further distances. If you would like to request this feature, please email so we know to prioritise it.


Can I have DoorDash turned on as well as use my own drivers or DriveYello driver shifts at the same time?

No. When DoorDash is enabled with ordering windows, it automatically books drivers for the orders. You can not cancel them unless an order is cancelled and refunded, in which case, the driver would be cancelled automatically (if it isn't too late).

If you don't have ordering windows turned on, you can call Doordash drivers manually so it is possible to use your own drivers too.


How much does using Mr Yum with DoorDash Drive cost compared to UberEats and Deliveroo?

UberEats and Deliveroo typically charge up to 30-35% per order.

With Mr Yum delivery orders, you pay your standard Mr Yum fee (it's the same for all your dine-in, pickup, delivery orders) and varies per venue but is maximum 4.5%.

For orders under 1km, the DoorDash delivery costs $8.50 (ex GST) plus $1 per km outside of that up to 10km.


Mr Yum is not a consumer marketplace where customers go to look for food that aims to bring you customers, like UberEats.

Mr Yum, utilising DoorDash Drive, helps you to take control of your delivery orders, empowering you to make your numbers work!

Here are two examples of how you can calculate your average cost per order using Mr Yum with DoorDash Drive:

Example 1: $60 average order

If your average order is $60 and you charge your customers $5 for delivery:

Your average order ($60 for example):


- Mr Yum fees (2.9% on $65 - this assumes you charge $5 for delivery and on-charge the 1.7% card fee to the customer)


- DoorDash delivery fee (3km) + GST $11.55 - $5 charged to customer for delivery)


You keep


Cost of Mr Yum ordering platform + DoorDash delivery

$8.98 / $60.00 = 14.06%


You can even set your minimum order for delivery to whatever you want. If you make it $60 like the above example, the most you will end up paying for delivery works out to be 14.06%!

Example 2: $100 average order

If your average order is $100 and you charge your customers $5 for delivery:


Your average order ($100 for example):


- Mr Yum fees (2.9% on $105 - this assumes you charge $5 for delivery and on-charge the 1.7% card fee to the customer)


- DoorDash delivery fee (3km) + GST $11.55 - $5 charged to customer for delivery)


You make


Cost of Mr Yum ordering platform + DoorDash delivery

$10.14 / $100 = 9.6%


How does it work?

It is so simple! You don't have to do anything differently to before.

  1. The customer places an order for delivery.
  2. The order appears on your Live Orders screen.

If you click on the order you can see all the order details including the estimated pickup time (when it will be collected from you) and the estimated delivery time to the customer.

  1. The customer receives the normal confirmation SMS from Mr Yum with their tax invoice link.
  2. DoorDash calculates the time it needs to send the "dasher" to you in order to have the food delivered on time (based on the customer's chosen ordering window) and orders the driver when it needs to.
  3. The customer receives an SMS from DoorDash letting them know their estimated delivery time and a URL to track the status of their order, including showing the "dasher" on the map coming towards them.


  1. The customer receives an SMS from DoorDash letting them know their delivery driver is approaching.
  2. Once the food is delivered to the customer, the order automatically moves to the Completed Orders tab of your Live Orders screen.
  3. Happy days! 😎


Which areas do DoorDash Drive cover?






If I have an issue with a DoorDash delivery, how can I contact them?

Phone 1800 958 316 or go here for fast online chat support from DoorDash.


What happens if the food goes missing?

Call the driver if they've already picked up, otherwise, call Doordash 1800-958-316


What happens if the driver never shows?

Call the driver first - call their number by clicking on Track with Doordash. If you can't get on to them, call Doordash at 1800-958-316


What happens if the customer calls to cancel the order?

You can't cancel the dasher via Mr Yum at the moment. You'll have to call the driver and let them know if they are nearing, or call Door dash if the driver hasn't started their trip. We will be implementing a cancel dasher workflow soon.


What happens if the driver takes too long?

Call the driver first. If it's a rainy day, this can happen, just like it does on the big delivery apps. It's the same network of drivers so when it's busy, everyone is busy!


Can customers order alcohol through DoorDash?

Yes! As long as the item is labeled Alcoholic Drink under Category, it will be properly flagged by DoorDash and the driver in responsible for checking for ID.