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What version is my POS?

During the onboarding process, your Integration Specialist may ask what version your POS is operating on. You can find out what version your POS is on in two simple steps!

Here are instructions on how to find out what version your system is running on for;

1. On the Login screen, touch the Bepoz logo (above the keypad)

2. The version details will be displayed in a new window
1. On the Clerk Login screen, tap on the H&L logo

2. The version number is displayed just below the keypad
1. On the POS, click on Help > Idealpos Support

2. A new window will open that will detail the Version and current Build number
Lotus POS
Version number can be found on the login page just below the Venue name
With SwiftPOS, the version number can be found in two places:
(V8.19 in these examples)

Back Office: the version number is at the bottom-left of the screen

POS Terminal: the version number is at the top-left of the screen