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Staff Training

Watching these short videos will make a big impact on your sales. Get each of your team members to spend 10 minutes watching these videos.

These staff training videos explain:

  1. How the Mr Yum customer experience works.
  2. How to integrate Mr Yum into your service model successfully for 5 star reviews, and
  3. How to manage your menu and orders in the Mr Yum Manage platform.


Video 1:

Intro to Mr Yum

What is Mr Yum? How does the customer experience work? Why would you even want your customers to use it in the first place? Watch this and you know.



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Video 2:

How to integrate Mr Yum into your service model

You can't just whack a QR code in the corner and hope for the best. 🤞🏽😆 Here is how the best-rated venues who consistently get 5-star customers reviews, integrate Mr Yum into their sequence of service. After watching this video, chat with your team about what will work best in your venue.

Now, take Quiz number 2

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Video 3:

How to manage your menu & orders in your Manage Mr Yum platform


Now learn how Mr Yum integrates with your POS ⚡️

(except for Lightspeed Kounta POS- that integration works differently)

If your Mr Yum menu is POS integrated, it's important you understand how Mr Yum is connected to your POS so that you can troubleshoot if your POS starts to reject orders from Mr Yum for some reason. Watch this video for a simple and visual explanation.