How to boost sales on menu items

Utilise upsells, capture customer emails, help customers find your menu on Google, social media marketing, promo codes and more...

There are multiple ways to try to increase sales of your menu items. 


Make sure that menu items on your menu have upsells attached to them. You are able to attach more than one upsell group to a menu item. For example with a burger you may decide to upsell with drinks, sides or even dessert. 

Therefore before clicking add to cart, customers can see quickly and easily add on more items to their order. 

Read more about how to set up and manage upsells here, or if you're too busy, check out our Smart Suggestions feature that will automatically populate some Upsells for your items!

Opt-In Emails 

Make sure that you have turned on opt-in emails when customers sign up and try to order food. You can offer different promotions or just ask for their email to receive communications from your venue. 

E.g. “Enter your email and receive a free donut” or “enter your email and receive a free birthday meal” 

Google Listing

Make sure that customers can easily access your online menu by placing your Mr Yum link on your Google listing. Also placing it on your website and social media accounts will help direct customers to your menu. 

If you'd like to learn more about Google Tag Manager and how to track you are performing on Google, click here.

Social Media Posts

Don't be afraid to explicitly tell your customer to purchase your food and drinks from the site in social media posts. You can ask us to help create some social media posts to help educate your customers where they can find your products! 

Discount Codes

You can also create discount codes to encourage customers to make purchases. You can create discount codes to work on specific times and days. Therefore if you want more traffic between 3pm-5pm you can offer discount codes such as 5% to 10% off on orders between 3pm-5pm on weekdays. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to set up basic discount codes, check out our overview article here before delving into specific 'how to' articles in our Reward section.


The photos that you choose to use for your menu items is also very important to help your sales. Customers make choices based on how good your photos are. 

Close up and high quality photos of your menu items can help boost your sales. We also offer packages to help provide you with a photographer to take professional photos. Contact our team to help you set this up if you're interested in this package.