Getting started with Afterpay

Mr Yum is the first exclusive global food & bev partner of Afterpay, Australia's leading 'buy now pay later' provider!

More than 70% of Afterpay customers have asked them to expand into Hospitality, so this launch validates the customer demand!

How it all works 

  • There’s no change to your operations. Afterpay payments work as a normal transaction - you receive the payment in full now and the customer pays Afterpay in 4 fortnightly instalments. 
  • There’s a higher fee of 3.5% ex GST on Afterpay transactions - learn more about the pricing structure below.
  • If you decide to enable Afterpay as a payment option, we'll send you a revised Mr Yum software agreement and the Afterpay shop directory onboarding form. 
  • Once this is complete, your customers can freely checkout with Afterpay! 

Why enable Afterpay as a payment type?

Afterpay customers spend on average 32% more than a non-Afterpay customer - this is on top of the increased spend through Mr Yum! 

45% of customers that order through Afterpay are first time visitors to the venue - meaning new customers walking through your doors. 

Be listed on the Afterpay dining directory which attracts millions of users each month. The dining directory has already received 20,000+ clicks - opening up countless opportunities to gain new customers. 

Want to learn more about how Afterpay x Mr Yum works?  Click Here

Afterpay x Mr Yum Pricing

The fee on Afterpay orders is 3.5% ex GST (3.85% inc) - this means you won't pay a card fee on these transactions as it's processed through Afterpay. You will only pay the Afterpay fee and your Mr Yum fee as normal.

For example, if your venue usually has a 1.9% Mr Yum fee and a 1.7% card fee.

The 3.85% fee on Afterpay transactions replaces the 1.7% Stripe fee.

Total fee on an Afterpay transaction is 1.9% (Mr Yum fee) + 3.85% (Afterpay) = 5.75%.

No charges can be passed onto the customer. Payouts are as normal because Afterpay ‘pays for the order’ on behalf of the customer until they pay 4 fortnightly instalments.

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